Tools: HTML, CSS, React.js, Gatsby.js, getForm API

Live site:

Rob Quin

This project was a website for Rob Quin, a sole barrister in Hamilton.

Context & Aim

Rob had an older website with his basic info already laid out but needed something that was mobile friendly and had a contact form to improve his workflow and client experience.


His wife made the previous design and so I tried to keep much of the elements the same and just refresh things. I created a few collage options for the background with stock photos and a simple responsive design to fit his industry and brand.

The original website had multiple pages, with the new design I opted to keep everything (bar the privacy policy) on one page for a simpler user experience.


Development was fairly straight forward. I created the project on Visual Studio Code using Gatsby, a react.js framework, and styled components. I also used GetForm for the form integration and set up and auto-responder on user submissions.

The full code for the project can be found here:

For more info on the logistics of the website view my resume or get in touch at and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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