What does a Website do?

Websites are all about communication.

As a business owner you have products or services that people with particular goals, emotions, and beliefs need.

A hungry man needs an apple.

A nervous girl going on a date needs a new dress.

That guy who just stole your car and drove it into a tree needs legal advice, etc.

Your goal is to find the right people, make sure your best foot's forward, show them what a great deal buying your products or using your services would be.. And, if you manage by some miracle to do all that right, they'll hand you their money with a smile and you can put food on the table for your family, live a happy life.. and maybe buy an alarm for your car.

One piece of the puzzle…

Now, you're a smart person. You know there's more than one way to skin a cat and there’s certainly more than one way to communicate. You could just walk down Victoria street yelling out “APPLES, APPLES, GET YOUR APPLES HERE!” and hey someone might buy an apple.

You could also talk to the people around you about what your offering, create flyers, posters, buy billboard space, a spot in the news, radio, tv, create social media pages, sign up to business directories, create google ads, go to or create events, write a blog, do a podcast, etc.

But someone knowing about your product or service is just the first step.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.. But apples do, and lot’s of people are selling them.

Now if your advertising is just "Apples $5/kg" you might sell a couple.

On the other hand if you can figure out why your apples are the best (or only) option for your customers, whether that means they’re organic and fair trade, or grown in a special way to be particularly delicious, or they’re the most convenient option from a local family business which sponsers little timmys football team - you get the deal, if you can tell customers the genuine story of why your product is made for people just like them, they'll buy it with a smile and thank you for advertising to them.

Websites are a great way to communicate these stories about your products, services and brand.

They work alongside other forms of advertising which don't have as much room for information or can't provide the same functionality.


If you'd like to hear more check out my next post here: What does a website do Pt.2

Otherwise have a lovely day.



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