What does a Website do? Pt.2

Not just advertising!

The beauty of websites is that they’re not just a form of advertising but can be interactive and functional too. They can save you time and money by automating work and putting power in the hands of you, your staff, and your customers.

For example, my first client website for Dave and Heather at Vanman shuttles included a multi-stage form which let customers enter all the information necessary for Dave and Heather to create a quote and get back to them with a price. Once customers completed the form they received an automated message letting them know Dave & Heather would be in touch soon.

This eliminated at least 1-5 minutes on the phone with every customer and with over 150 shuttle requests so far that could mean 12.5+ hours of saved time and a much better experience for Dave, Heather, and their customers.

And it's not just forms.

Websites can be hooked up to thousands of different applications which do things from sending out texts & email, updating accounts, creating invoices, getting live sporting/weather/flight information, making bookings, online payments/subscriptions, analytics, providing content management dashboards etc.

Your Customers Journey

Most business owners use their website as the base of their marketing funnel.

As in, they have other forms of advertising to catch people's attention (social media, google ads, email marketing, seo etc) and use this to send people to their website.

Then the business website gives customers the trust and inspiration to fill out a form, make a call, or purchase a product.

In many cases even if the customer isn’t fully sold on the product there will be a secondary call to action, say subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a free course, or following the business on social media.

This means you can follow up with potential customers and provide them with more information which may sell them on your product/service in the future.

And at the very least data about how customers used your website, where they fell off, what they had in their cart when they left etc can be tracked (with their consent) and used to improve your business marketing.

There are still brick and mortar stores and service businesses that operate 100% offline. And on the other extreme there’s businesses that are online only and utilize tracking, ads, CRM tools to automate and organize every step of their business. What you need for your business will vary depending on what you do and will change as your business goes through different stages of growth.

Thanks for reading.

If you'd like to have a website made for your business or have any questions about the process get in touch here.

Otherwise have a lovely day.



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